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CAD Module

Content Article Display Module

About CAD Module

CAD (Content Article Display) is a CAT (Content Application Toolkit) module that allows you to display a list of articles. Features include:

  • Associate articles with a Topic
  • Link image to any URL (optional)
  • Set custom initial post date
  • Expire (hide) post after a specific date

How Does it Work?

CAD does the following:

  • Any user within the administrator or editor groups can add and edit articles
  • The current editor username is used as the author
  • If not set, the current date is used for the DIP (date of initial post)
  • If the expiration date is left empty, the post never expires
  • Article post becomes hidden after the expiration date has passed, if it was set


  • Unspecified
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Legal News
  • Sports


CAD Programs

Posted by admin on 2022-06-11
Brutal architecture CAD programs now available at Brutal UNI.


Posted by admin on 2022-06-22
This article is untitled, and will expire on July 31, 2022. At which time, this article will become hidden from the world.

Sunny Babe

Posted by admin on 2022-06-22
A sunny beach babe who is sunny and happy is a wonderful sight to behold.

Intro to Brutalism 101

Posted by admin on 2022-06-23
We're making waves with our new brutalism course!

Brutalist House Concepts

Posted by admin on 2022-07-22
Brutalism is home. It's concrete nature is safe and secure. Here are some concepts.